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Software Used to Develop These Resources

The resources were built and are maintained using Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

This website was built and is maintained using Visual Studio Code.

This website uses the static site generator MkDocs.

The resources were tested and validated using SoapUI Open Source by SmartBear Software.

The XSDs, JSON Schemas and schema diagrams were built using Liquid Studio 2020.

The XSDs were validated using the XML Validator - XSD (XML Schema) at

The JSON Schemas were validated using the JSON Schema Validator.

Additional Code Used To Build This Website

The theme used for this website is Material for MkDocs by Martin Donath.

The site-map graphics are based on Slickmap CSS.

The "Try It Out" page uses the SwaggerUI from SmartBear Software.

The Toolbox Resources logo is based on Toolbox by Made from the Noun Project.

The logo and logo icons were generated using the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

The loading spinner is courtesy of

Special Thanks

I'd like to especially thank Jeff Barlow and Barbara Schmucker for their assitance with the final resource testing and website editing. Thanks!!!

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